Nothin’ but the Blues: Elements 1

The blues is one of the most expressive improvisational styles with one of the lowest barriers to entry. Once you have a handle on the fundamental chords, scales and patterns, you’re off to the races, much sooner than you would be in other styles with a longer list of ‘prerequisites,’ shall we say. In this course (and subsequent followup) we’ll go over the foundational elements of blues playing so you can grow into a versatile blues player with knowledge of blues harmony and language that goes beyond just one key.



Basic knowledge of major scales, triads and inversions. A feel for bluesy/jazzy rhythms is a plus. To get familiar with these concepts, start with Triads or Key Signature Essentials.

The drum tracks below are used frequently throughout this course. To download to your computer, simply right click the track name and click Save Link As...

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Hi, I’m Devon! I’m a Berklee College of Music grad and a professional pianist & producer bouncing between coasts!

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