• 5 Lessons

    Technique Spark

    Welcome to the Weekly Spark – a series of mini-lessons taught by WePiano instructors designed to ignite your weekly practice routine with some fresh inspiration.  Each month we will rotate through four areas of focus:  Creativity, Harmony, Technique, and the Brain.  Each type of Spark has its own course framework (this one is Technique!), so that you can track your progress. Join once a month, twice a month, or every week! Stay tuned to the Weekly Spark group for new releases each Thursday.
  • 7 Lessons

    The Circle of 5ths

    The Circle of 5ths is one of the most useful tools in music theory, but it is often overlooked in traditional piano lessons. In this course, we’ll break down the many connections between the circle and popular chord progressions. By the end of this course, you’ll be integrating the circle into your practice, and you’ll have an enhanced understanding of not just how music theory works, but why!

  • 11 Lessons

    The Number System

    This course is about the Number System: what it is, why it’s useful, and how to practice it. You’ll learn the simple principle of numbering each note in the major scale, and how it can transform the way you think about music. I chose this as the very first topic to teach for the Academy because, in my opinion, this is the single most powerful concept for developing your ear and learning to improvise.

  • 32 Lessons

    Triad Pairs & Spreads

    A triad on its own is... nice. A triad pair on the other hand is... SPICE! In this hands-on course we'll look at all of the spicy, beautiful sounds that can be made with triad pairs and triad spreads via custom musical examples and practice tracks that will keep you glued to the piano. Not only will you learn the secret to gospel style chord melodies and luscious accompaniment, but you'll also deepen your understanding of the keyboard map as we take each exercise through numerous keys.

  • 8 Lessons


    In this course, we take a deep dive into the most common kind of chord in music: the triad! By the end of the course, you’ll be able to play every kind of triad on the piano. You’ll learn to expand on the simple chords behind the songs you love, so you can sound natural and expressive on your instrument. And you’ll discover how you can play most songs just by reading a simple chord chart.

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