Practicing the Circle of 5ths

The Circle of 5ths is one of the most useful practice companions for pianists. In this course I'll show you seven templates for beautiful exercises that work their way around the circle in both directions so you can practice every major and minor key without even realizing it. Each lesson starts with an analysis and is followed up with hands-on practicals that provide options for pianists at various levels of proficiency. On top of that, some lessons feature drum tracks to make sure you're keeping a steady beat!


Basic knowledge of the Circle (see Chris’s course) & an understanding of major and minor triads a la Key Signature Essentials.

About Instructor


Hi, I’m Devon! I’m a Berklee College of Music grad and a professional pianist & producer bouncing between coasts!

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Course Includes

  • 10 Lessons
  • 23 Practicals
Press loop to end looping.

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