Rhythm Fundamentals

When we say a piece of music feels good, more often than not we’re talking about the rhythm. A musician’s sense of groove or pocket tends to separate the great from the good.

In this course I want to give you the basis to break down the rhythms in any piece of music. We’ll learn about pulse, meter, and subdivision. And I’ll show you how understanding these concepts allows you to practice more effectively.

By the end of the course, you’ll have the means to level up your rhythm game and get your music feeling good. 



None – this course is aimed at total beginners!

Download the Rhythm Fundamentals Reference & Practice Log PDF below:

Rhythm Fundamentals Reference Material

Rhythm Fundamentals Practice Log


About Instructor


Hey, I’m Ted! I graduated from the USC Thornton School of music and I’ve worked as a professional pianist and composer in LA for 10 years.

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  • 9 Lessons
Press loop to end looping.

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