Start Piano – a 30 Day Challenge

Start here! If you've never played piano before, this course is meant for you. This 30-Day Challenge will take you from novice level to surprising competency, just by playing along with one short video each day. You'll learn note names, finger numbers, and lots of fundamental skills. At the end of the course you'll be able to perform for your family and friends, and you'll be perfectly positioned to explore more advanced WePiano courses or dive into the HDpiano song catalogue. 

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How do you get good at music? It’s very simple: come back to the instrument every day.

This course takes away the guesswork, confusion, and overwhelm that many of us feel when we start a new instrument. Instead, you have one job – sit down at the piano every day, pull up that day’s video, and hit play. I’ll guide you through a broad range of skills in a logical order. We’ll practice together, and you’ll learn by doing.

As you progress through the month, we’ll continually revisit concepts and pieces in an organic way, building on what you’ve learned so far. You’ll be practicing good rhythm and posture throughout. You’ll even have the chance to improvise.

Most importantly, you’ll discover the power of daily practice. If you’ve ever found it difficult to create a practice habit, this course can help you jumpstart your life at the piano. And it’s easy! Just play along. 

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Hey, I’m Ted! I graduated from the USC Thornton School of music and I’ve worked as a professional pianist and composer in LA for 10 years.

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