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Welcome HDpiano Academy Early Members!

If you’re seeing this then you were probably redirected via a link at the old HDpiano Academy. Well – as you can see, we’ve made some major changes!

The HDpiano Academy is now WePiano, and your Early Member access is still valid through October 1st for all available content, after which point you’ll be free to continue on with your Early Member discount.

You should have received an email with information about how to sign in by now, as well as a link to set a new password. But if you missed that email or you’re having trouble logging in, simply click Sign In and then click ‘Forgot Password.’ Type your email (must be the same as what you used for the HDpiano Academy) and voila, you’ll be sent a link to update your password and log in to WePiano where you’ll find all of the same courses and loads of new features.

Any questions? Email [email protected]

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