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Harmony Handbook

It’s your music theory almanac, and it’s a supplement to Key Signature Essentials, which you’ll find below.

Download the free WePiano Harmony Handbook and discover the beautiful patterns and secrets of basic piano chords, no sheet music required!

24 Chord Progressions

Working on your accompaniment chops? Here are 24 awesome sample chord progressions you can use to practice!

Blues Essentials

Level up your Blues playing!

Download the free 14-page Blues Piano Essential PDF and get lost in boogie patterns, blues scales and chord shapes. 

advent calendar

WePiano Advent Calendar

Forget about chocolate. This Advent, sink your teeth into some sweet sweet chord progressions instead. We’re releasing one tasty progression every day of December until Christmas. 

Free Sample Lessons

The courses listed below all include free sample lessons so you can get a feel for WePiano before you sign up!

Press loop to end looping.

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